Door detectors



EN 81-70 EN 81-20

The FOUR profile is the thinnest profile in the world, suitable for installations where there is very little space.
Unpainted, the profile is just 4.99mm thin. It can be installed only in static locations.

Includes car top box, cables, mounting accessories and heavy-duty packaging.


  • 234 crossed beams from 96 diodes
  • Standard height 2000mm
  • Detecting range 500mm – 1500mm
  • Immune to sunlight
  • IP54 rating
FOUR SERIESDiodesFaisceauxHauteur totaleHauteur de détectionBoitier d'Alim.AutomaskingEN 81-20EN 81-70Fiche produitGuide d'installation
03.G5.FOUR234.LOCK.AC2201282342000mm20 - 1841mm
03.G5.FOUR234.LOCK.DC241282342000mm20 - 1841mm
03.G5.FOUR154.AC22321542000mm20 - 1841mm
03.G5.FOUR154.DC24321542000mm20 - 1841mm